Johnny Depp Shaves His Head & Gets A Mohawk With A Braid: Love Or Loathe His Wild Makeover?

Johnny Depp has changed up his movie star looks big time with a shocking makeover. We’ve got the pic where he’s shaved his head bald, except for a braided mohawk.

No one can accuse Johnny Depp of not committing to his art. For his role in the new Fantastic Beasts movie as Gellert Grindelwald, he rocks a platinum blonde spiky ‘do with slightly shaved sides on his head. He’s had to do some reshoots for the highly anticipated film and decided to go full rock and roll by completely shaving his head into a mohawk style, which he braided while performing with his band the Hollywood Vampires at a recent concert. It’s way more extreme than his original movie hair, and definitely looks wild on the 54-year-old. It is a love or loathe look, no question about it. Hey, at least he never has a problem growing back his luscious brunette locks.

Johnny has rocked a mohawk in the past, getting a makeover after his split from ex-wife Amber Heard in 2016. He tends to favor the look when the Hollywood Vampires go on tour. The cover band hits the road for a primarily European tour on May 17, playing their only U.S. date in Verona, NY. After that its on to two months of dates across the UK, Italy, Germany, Russia and more. His Hollywood star power draws big audiences overseas, where fans are thrilled to see him rock out.

As for his other job — being a major movie star — he’ll finally be seen on the silver screen again on Nov. 18 when Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald opens. His role in the film was met with controversy as the movie got the go-ahead with Johnny as the lead when his domestic abuse allegations by Amber were playing out in public. Writer and creator J.K. Rowling, 52, even had to eventually come out and defend the decision to keep Johnny and not recast the role.

“For me personally, the inability to speak openly to fans about this issue has been difficult, frustrating and at times painful. However, the agreements that have been put in place to protect the privacy of two people, both of whom have expressed a desire to get on with their lives, must be respected,” the Fantastic Beasts creator wrote in Dec. of 2017. “Based on our understanding of the circumstances, the filmmakers and I are not only comfortable sticking with our original casting, but genuinely happy to have Johnny playing a major character in the movies.”

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