Jon Gosselin Posts Rare Photo With Daughter On Her Birthday — Where Are The Other Kids?

Awww! Former reality star Jon Gosselin just shared an adorable photo of himself and his daughter Hannah to celebrate her 14th birthday! Take a look!

So sweet! Jon & Kate Plus 8 star Jon Gosselin just sent fans into swooning fits with a super-rare photo of him with one of his children. The 41-year-old father cracks a smile with daughter Hannah as they get breakfast together to celebrate her 14th birthday. “Happy Birthday Hannah!!! 14 already. Bday breakfast with my daughter before the bus stop!!!” he captioned the touching moment. Clearly he’s overjoyed to get to celebrate this big day with his teenage daughter!

Our question is: where are the rest of his kids? Was this just a father/daughter outing or was Hannah the only child Jon was allowed to spend the morning with? As fans know, Jon has stated in the past that his ex-wife Kate Gosselin has denided him visitation rights, an accusation contested by some of their children, according to The Daily Mail. Regardless, it looks like Jon and Hannah got to enjoy a special early-morning moment together before she headed off to school!

As we previously reported, the heated custody battle has taken a toll on Jon. “Jon has zero say when it comes to parenting decisions — Kate makes all of those herself, and that’s exactly how she likes it,” an insider told late last year. “The more time goes on, the more Jon feels disconnected from his kids, which is super sad. Jon knows that Kate talks smack about him in front of the children, and that if she had her way then they would never see their dad,” the source added. “It really upsets Jon, but he feels powerless to fight back as he hasn’t got the money Kate has to pay legal fees — so all he can do at this stage is take what visitation Kate affords him, and just pray that when the kids get older they’ll be able to understand that he did all he could.”

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