Jon Taffer Says Your Fave Restaurant Will Be Very Different Post-Pandemic

Jon Taffer has a good idea what your favorite restaurant is going to look like when the pandemic smoke clears, and says the new key to culinary success won’t be taste.

The “Bar Rescue” star joined us Wednesday on “TMZ Live” and outlined some of the sweeping changes he sees coming to restaurants whenever shelter-in-place restrictions are lifted.

Jon’s confident people won’t be shy about eating at restaurants or going to bars, because Americans want to socialize and support local businesses. He says what will change is what customers value — and many will prioritize trust over taste.

The way Jon sees it, people are gonna go to the restaurant they trust to keep them safe, and not necessarily the one with the best food.

And, when Americans do start eating inside restaurants again, Jon says customers are gonna be confronted with lots and lots of changes … involving capacity, spacing and all-new safety precautions. Let’s just say the staff at your fave steakhouse might look more like medical pros.

While experts say the restaurant industry has already lost $255 BILLION due to the outbreak, and 1 in 5 restaurants could close permanently … Jon says it’s not all doom and gloom.

Good … restaurants and their customers could use a side of positivity!!!

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