Josh Duggar: Video Taken Just Prior to Arrest Emerges

By now, we’re sure you’ve heard the news that Josh Duggar has been arrested on child pornography charges.

Josh was taken into custody back in April, but he was later released.

The matter of his guilt or innocence was supposed to have been decided by now, but Josh’s lawyers were successful in their campaign to have the trial pushed back to November.

And so, a known predator remains on the loose as the wheels of justice slowly turn.

Josh is currently in hiding, living with friends of Jim Bob’s who agreed to take him in.

He is not permitted to even spend the night at his own home, as the judge at his bail hearing wisely decided that Josh should spend as little time with children as possible.

Of course, even before this latest scandal, Josh had been keeping a low profile.

He was fired by TLC in 2015 after word got out that he had moslested five young girls, four of whom were his sisters, while he was still in his teens.

The rest of the family knows not to post about Josh on social media, lest they endure some serious backlash.

And so, footage of Josh has been hard to come by in recent years.

Which is why fans were shocked to see the eldest Duggar son in a video taken just days before his arrest.

Back in April, Jed Duggar married Katey Nakatsu in a ceremony that was much more low-key than the usual Duggar blow-out.

(The Duggars had been anticipating Josh’s arrest for months, and they’d all stepped away from the spotlight as a result.)

Earlier this week, the couple posted video highlights of their big day on YouTube.

And it wasn’t long before eagle-eyed fans spotted Josh staring at his phone in the background.

Needless to say, Reddit users were quick to roast Josh for this latest act of douchiness.

“What sort of douche is on their phone at a wedding?” one commenter asked.

“Pest Spotted. Wonder what he’s looking at on that phone,” a second wrote.

“Knowing Pesky, porn. He is such a pest that even at a wedding it’s all about him,” a third chimed in, adding:

“And I bet he hid it under sports in case Anna might snoop, but she would not.”

Yes, there’s no telling what sort of depraved behavior Josh might have engaged in in the months before his arrest.

No doubt he felt the walls closing in on him, but that probably wasn’t enough to keep him from engaging in predatory behavior.

Those familiar with Josh’s case say it should be open-and-shut, as prosecutors have everything they need in order to convict.

But it’s almost impossible to overstate the power that Jim Bob wields in northwest Arkansas, and as the recent release of Bill Cosby reminds us, the wealthy are often above the law in America.

All we can do now is hope that justice will be served in Josh’s case — and that his dozens of victims might finally know peace.

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