Julia Bradbury’s sister stepped in after presenter got ‘tangled’ in hospital piping

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Julia Bradbury, 51, has recently left hospital after having a mastectomy. She explained how her sister, Gina Bradbury Fox, was by her side the whole time she was in hospital, and had to help her when she got “tangled up in piping”.

We’re joined at the hip really. It’s a complete rollercoaster. We fluctuate from hysteria, to being in floods of tears.

Gina Bradbury Fox

Gina commented, in good humour: “We laughed on Tuesday when she went to the loo in hospital and got tangled up in piping she has that helps drain her breast.

“There I was running after her with her Dollie Drain bag as the pipe got longer and longer.”

Gina set up a WhatsApp group of 30 friends, with Julia naming it the “My Left T** Support Group”.

The former Countryfile presenter has been undergoing treatment for breast cancer after being diagnosed in September. 

Gina has been supporting her sister in the hospital every day since the beginning of her mastectomy. 

She washed her hair, brought her clothes and did whatever was needed. So much so that the family reportedly called her “Mrs Fix-It”.

In an interview with the Mirror, Gina revealed: “Emotionally, I have been with Julia every step of the way. I feel her pain.

“We’re joined at the hip really. It’s a complete rollercoaster. We fluctuate from hysteria, to being in floods of tears.”

Julia returned Gina’s positivity, expressing love and admiration for her sister for all her support. 

She said: “We’ve shared tears but also lots of laughs. 

“Gina has been an absolute rock, doing what she always does brilliantly, swinging into action, being a practical and emotional mainstay.”

The TV presenter is yet to find out the extent of her cancer, but has continued to stay positive, saying she wanted to “hug my children and get on with the rest of our lives”.

Gina, 60, is a divorcee with a 23 year old son. 

Julia and Gina have both set up events and initiatives linked to Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 

The pair have launched The Outdoor Guide, a free online resource, as well as the Outdoor Guide Foundation. 

At the start of this month, they set up a “Boots for Boobs” drive, with the aim of encouraging followers to go for a long walk and raising money.

Finally, their latest campaign is “Waterproofs and Wellies”, aiming to raise millions to provide 200,000 school children with adequate clothing and shelter. 

Gina previously spoke more of the moment that Julia found out about the diagnosis.

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