Jurgen Klopp’s plea to Liverpool fans travelling to Roma for second leg

Jurgen Klopp has urged Liverpool fans to behave when they travel to Rome for Wednesday’s Champions League return.

Irish Liverpool fan Sean Cox was critically injured in an alleged attack by Roma fans and there are concerns for the safety of Reds supporters.

The Italian police have wrongly claimed 1,000 of the travelling 5,000 Liverpool fans are trouble-makers and Klopp says they should be careful.

“It’s common sense,” said the Reds boss. “What else can I say? Behave.

“Treat other people how you would want to be treated yourself.

“It’s a wonderful game and we all have to show we can be responsible.”

Liverpool claim they had a “positive and productive” meeting in Rome on Friday with Roma, UEFA and the Italian authorities to ensure the safety of fans.

The club said in a statement: “A positive and productive meeting has taken place in Rome with all those involved displaying intent for a collaborative approach and a commitment to making the event a great sporting occasion.

“Important guidance for travelling Liverpool supporters was discussed at length and the process is already underway to refine that information so it can be shared with those attending at the earliest opportunity.”

Klopp has tried to take some of the heat out of the semi-final return by urging fans to keep the game in perspective.

He was appalled by the injuries suffered by Cox and wore a Liver Bird badge in the colours of the Irish tricolour at his press conference yesterday as a tribute to the Irishman.

“It’s only football,” he said. “It’s a football game, not more, so let’s play football.”

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