‘Just Because’ Gift Ideas for Best Friends

Having a close group of girlfriends is essential — just ask Taylor Swift about her squad or Erin and Sara Foster who recently talked #squadgoals with Us Weekly.

Friends are there through heartaches, work struggles and countless brunches. And while it’s expected to give presents on holidays, birthdays, weddings and for other major milestones, who says there really needs to be an occasion for gift giving? Any time is a great time to show a little love to a BFF. Why not get her something “just because”?

A “just because” present doesn’t have to be huge. It can be something small, an inside joke or just something she definitely needs. A clever Mexican hot chocolate kit is perfect for the gal with the sweet tooth, while a monogrammed tote lends the present a fun, personalized touch.

Here is a quick roundup of a few goodies that say, “thanks for being the best.”

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