Justin Theroux Had a ‘Cookie Puss Cake’ for His Birthday!

Justin Theroux celebrated his 49th birthday this week and he had a fun birthday cake!

The actor took to Instagram Stories on Friday night (August 14) while having a small party with some close friends. They surprised him with a Cookie Puss Cake from Carvel!

Carvel calls it the “craziest cake in the universe” and it comes with creamy ice cream, crunchies, cookie wafer eyes, ice cream cone nose and hand-whipped frosting smile. The cake has been a staple for the ice cream brand since the 1970s.

“Frahhnds 4 life,” Justin captioned a photo of him holding the cake. “C’puss is m’ride or die.”

He posted another photo and said, “Remember me for the joy I brought. Not the body I left behind – Cookie Puss 2020.”

Justin showed his appreciation for a Grammy-winning singer by wearing a shirt with her face on it earlier this summer.

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