JWoww’s Estranged Husband Jokes He’s Using Shock Therapy To Become A Better Partner

This is some shocking stuff…

Jenni “JWoww” Farley and Roger Matthews just announced their divorce last week, but he isn’t giving up on trying to be a better hubby!

Roger joked on his Instagram about a shock therapy device he says he had implanted into his back that is “specifically designed for men to become better husbands.”

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Technology is an amazing thing. Science has advanced to the point my where they make shock therapy specifically designed for men to become better husbands. I had this device installed with shock leads that go directly into my spine and my wife holds the controller and settings. It’s called the “Dirtbag 9000” . It has voice recognition so if you question your wife it will light you up like a fucking Christmas tree. It has four settings. 1. You’re a cunt 2. I should have stayed with my ex 3. I hope you die a slow painful death 4. Just for fun. (Which is the most powerful setting and is like being shot by a police taser) Humor has always been my way through life. Praying for a better tomorrow. Love you @jwoww

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Apparently, the device has four settings:  “1. You’re a c***, 2. I should have stayed with my ex, 3. I hope you die a slow painful death, 4. Just for fun.”

Roger is sounding a little bitter about the split, and has also updated his IG bio to reflect his marriage update:

“Good father.Horrible husband.Worst lover ever.10foot tall and bulletproof.Figuring life out.”


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