Kai Jong-in’s Father Dies After Battle With Chronic Illness: Fans Send Love To EXO Singer

Such sad news. EXO singer, Kai Jong-in, lost his father to a battle with chronic illness on May 7. Fans are sending the K-pop crooner love after hearing the tragic news.

Kai Jong-in’s father is sadly dead, SM Entertainment confirmed on May 8. “Kai’s father passed away yesterday after suffering chronic illness,” the statement read. “Kai is currently at the wake, and a funeral will be held quietly for family and relatives. We ask for your consideration, so the family may grieve his father’s passing.” Immediately after hearing the news, fans of the K-pop group began flooding Twitter with loving messages for Kai, and pointed out that the singer would not even be a member of EXO if his father had not pushed him to audition.

“Jongin’s father was the reason why we have EXO’s Kai right now,” one person wrote. “He was the one who told Jongin to audition so he will buy him a new nintendo. This news saddens me so much knowing how a family person Jongin is. My deepest condolences to Jongin and his family.” Another added, “It was Jongin’s dad who pushed him to audition. His dad always believe[d] in him and support[ed] him. Without his dad there ouldn’t be a Kai of EXO and a Kim Jongin. We’re thankful bc Jongin has a dad like you. Rest in peace Jongin’s dad. Always guide Jongin.

Kai is the youngest of three children. He auditioned for EXO via videotapes his father took of him dancing. Kai has been dancing since he was eight years old, and graduated from School of Performing Arts Seoul in Feb. 2012. Since 2016, he has also been doing work in acting.

SM Entertainment did not release further details on the illness that led to Kai’s father’s death. Our thoughts are with the family during this difficult time.

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