Kanye West Donates To Family Of Slain Chicago Security Guard

Kanye West will donate $150,000 to the family of Jemel Roberson, a Chicago security guard who was shot dead while trying to subdue a gunman in a shooting last week.

With this, donations to the GoFundMe initiative, which Roberson’s family started to raise fund, have reportedly reached more than $305,000.

The tragic incident took place on November 11.

Robertson was trying to remove some drunken and unruly patrons at Manny’s Blue Room Bar in Chicago when he confronted an active shooter. Roberson subdued the gunman, and was holding him at gun point when Midlothian police arrived. The police shot and killed Roberson instead of the gunman he stopped.

Roberson, who was licensed to carry a weapon, was the father of a 9-month old son.

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