Kanye West really is a God as he ‘walks on water’ during Sunday Service

We shouldn’t have doubted Kanye West all those years ago as he rapped about being a ‘God’ as the star ‘walked on water’ during his latest, extravagant Sunday Service.

A staple in all good weekends, the rapper and presidential hopeful has created quite a popular religious service, usually holding it on his Wyoming ranch for the first services after the pandemic.

His ranch paddocks just weren’t enough for Kim Kardashian’s husband this time, though, as he turned up the vibe to 11 over the weekend.

In scenes captured by Keeping Up With The Kardashians star Kim, Kanye was seen, nay, witnessed walking on a lake with his young children, as well as members of the service’s choir.

The participants were seemingly walking on a platform just below the water, as steam rose from the current at the sunset service. Either that, or, yes, Kanye and co really can walk on water.

Accompanied by his seven-year-old daughter North and four-year-old son Saint for the aquatic adventure, it’s just the latest brilliant stunt Kanye has pulled.

In clips posted to Kim’s Instagram, Lakewood Church senior pastor Joel Osteen delivered a sermon in which he praised Kanye’s neat watery trick.

He said: ‘I’m watching these fine men and women singing, looks like they’re walking on the water. And my mind goes back to that time where Jesus invited Peter to walk on the water.

‘I could imagine Peter thought, “Jesus, what are you talking about? That’s impossible! I can’t do that.”

‘I think we all have that at times in life where we think, “God’s telling me to do something. I’m feeling down on the inside,” but we don’t feel qualified. We don’t have the experience. I can’t sing like them. I can’t invent like Kanye.’

Heading to Atlanta for the latest instalment of the weekly event, it’s clear money is of no worry to the billionaire performer, with Kanye revealing last week he’s spent $50million (£37m) on his Sunday Services over the year.

Speaking to Nick Canon on his Cannon’s Class podcast recently, The Gold Digger rapper told his pal: ‘When I went to the hospital in 2016, one of the first things I wrote was “Start a church in Calabasas”. And we sang Jesus’ name to the hills… in the city of Lost Angeles.’

He later added: ‘One of the things about Sunday Service is I had to design wardrobe all the time. And I spent every dime that I had for marketing from Yeezy, on Sunday Service.

‘Every dime I had… I spent $50million last year on Sunday Service. If you add up the operas, if you add up the flights… there was 120 people going to Jamaica.’

It follows claims Kanye has spent nearly ‘$6m(£4.5m) on his presidential campaign’, as he makes his bid for the White House.

According to a financial report cited by outlets, that figure is thought to have come from a $6.7m (£5m) personal loan the rapper made to his campaign over July and August.

According to a report in The Hollywood Reporter, documents filed with the Federal Election Commission on Friday indicates that the star’s presidential campaign has spent $5.86m (£4.4m) so far, with most of the costs going towards consultants and fees.

Whether it gets him into the Oval Office still remains to be seen.

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