Kanye West Shows Love For Right-Wing Writer Candace Owens & Twitter Lets Him Have it

Uh-oh! Kanye West shared that he admires a controversial conservative YouTuber on Twitter and fans are NOT liking it!

Make no mistake, Kanye West, 40, has built a career speaking his mind! But, although that leads to hit songs, it also often lands him in trouble with fans! Now, the iconic hip-hop performer is feeling the heat for posting on Twitter that he likes conservative firebrand Candace Owens! In on time, his comments section was bombarded with angry and appalled reactions.

The rapper simply wrote: “I love the way Candace Owens thinks.” Some of the shocked and dismayed comments include: “This is why Jay and B don’t [hang] out with you anymore. Bro, stop stepping on the communities that made you.” As well as: “Wow, them Kardashores really have you stuck in the sunken place. Done with Yeezy!” And we gotta include this thought: “Kanye, please pay close attention to who is agreeing with you on this. That ain’t your tribe, bruh.”

In case you aren’t familiar with Owens, she’s made a name for herself with a myriad of eyebrow-raising comments, including calling Black Lives Matter supporters “whiny toddlers” and arguing that “white guilt” should become a thing of the past. As for Kanye, well, he’s made a habit of offending even his most loyal fans. For instance, his meeting with now-President Donald Trump following his election in 2016 was decidedly NOT well received.

In recent days, Yeezy has been gifting fans a book of philosophy — one tweet at a time. Some include, “The more people contribute to real time global consciousness the faster we evolve” and “I don’t believe in horizontal hierarchy. If you build a ladder too high it’s actually most dangerous for the people at the top.” Let’s hope that Ye returns to his 140-character wisdom following this troubling tweet.

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