Is Kanye West Skipping Met Gala? Kim Kardashian Preps Solo Days After His Mountain Stroll

Is Kim Kardashian heading to the Met Gala without Kanye West again? The most recent snaps of the couple – apart – seems to suggest she will attend without him. Or do they?

Kanye West, 40, was last pictured taking a stroll along a Wyoming mountain on May 4 in a snap obtained by TMZ. SEE THE PHOTO HERE. His wife, Kim Kardashian, 37, posted an Instagram photo of herself prepping for the Met Gala in New York on May 7. Two photos taken days – and thousands of miles – apart. So we want to know: Is Kanye going to the Met Gala or will Kim be flying solo without her man for the second year in a row? Just hours ahead of the big event, Kim teased fans with her preparations for fashion’s big night. Curled up in a comfy chair, wearing nothing but a black robe, and clutching her cell phone, she looked calm before the night’s festivities and red carpet madness. She captioned the Instagram photo, “Let the glam begin… Happy Met Monday.”

In contrast, days earlier, on May 5, Kanye gave fans a clue to what he was doing – and it didn’t involve trying on haute couture. He tweeted, “Take a walk outside. Fresh air is healing.” He also tweeted about the joys of taking naps, which he declared are “awesome” and boasted that he’s starting a “Yeezy architecture arm called Yeezy home.” Meanwhile, on May 7, hours after Kim’s Met Gala prep post, he tweeted a photo of him holding one of his designer shoes. He wrote, “It’s about the feeling first.”

But that still doesn’t answer the question fans want to know. Is he going to the Met Gala or is he sitting this year out and concentrating on recording his new music at his Wyoming resort instead?

Let the glam begin… Happy Met Monday

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One source claimed that he is sitting this one out. “Kanye is definitely not going,” the insider told Us Weekly. Meanwhile, another source muddied the water by saying that even Kanye isn’t sure. The person told the magazine, “One minute he says that he will go. Another, he insists that the album needs more work. Kim just wants to go to the gala and have a great time.” Looks like we’ll have to wait and see because – if these insiders are correct – even Kanye doesn’t know where he’s going to be.

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