Kanye West Sold $50 Socks And Other Overpriced Crap At His Coachella Sunday Service

Kanye West had his Sunday Service at Coachella yesterday as planned, and as expected he brought out the full range of fuckery. Not only was it a Kanye West concert, so it was guaranteed full of self-indulgent Jesus comparisons (and on Easter Sunday? He has risen and then He left because He heard Kanye West music playing), but it was also mostly streamed through a gloryhole for some reason. Interesting choice.

Another interesting choice was Kanye’s decision to try and rob the people of Coachella blind by charging them crazy prices for his merch. Case in point: $50 Kanye West-brand socks.

The Blast reports that Kanye is really high on that Kardashian #GetMoneyNoMatterTheDignityOrEthicsOfIt tip. The idolatry and greed were on full-display when Kanye performed his Sunday Service. Yes, while singing gospel-inspired renditions of his hits and praising the lord above, Kanye was also charging the upper and upper-middle class people who could afford to attend Coachella insane amounts of money for merch.

In a tent labeled: “Church Clothes”, Kanye West really tried selling the people of Coachella crazy amounts for poorly-constructed basic cotton clothing. Items for sale included: $70 t-shirts, ponchos for $75, $100 to $225 sweaters, sweat pants from $135 to $195 and of course the socks–$50 for two (what a bargain).

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