Kate Middleton's Royal Baby Brings Out Royal Jokesters on Twitter: See the Funniest Reactions

“There is no truth to the rumour that the baby will be presented on the balcony, whilst playing the Circle of Life,” tweets one user.

Kate Middleton has given birth to another royal baby — a son — who becomes fifth in the line of succession to the British crown, and Twitter is buzzing with love, hate and hilarity over the news.

While the official town crier was outside the hospital announcing the news to London, the rest of the world was tweeting, sending #RoyalBaby, Kate Middleton, William and Kate and even Princess Charlotte — who becomes the first female to not lose her place in the line of succession to a younger brother — to the top of the trends on the jokesters’ social media platform of choice.

As we should have expected in our divided age, the tweets were split pretty evenly down the middle with many showing their support for the new mother and her family, while others decried that this is another mouth to feed for a family that the state essentially pays for. But all of that is way too obvious, way too expected, and quite frankly, way too boring.

We give our props and support to those brave souls who waded into the muck and mire of social media to crack us up by poking fun at the new royal baby, his parents, his family and the world that is so excited to welcome him into it. Below are the funniest about the royal birth.

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