This Is Kate Winslet's Favorite Anti-Aging Product

Maybe it’s the sway of her Givenchy cape dress or that she’ll forever be Rose Dewitt Bukater in an entire generation’s minds, but standing beside the racetrack at New York’s Longines Masters Series, Kate Winslet is the picture of elegance.

Recently, though, the iconic British actress and mother of three has been thinking about how to keep that picture from changing too much over the next decade.

“These days, now being 42, I’m a little more health-conscious in terms of thinking about the next 10 years of my life,” she tells InStyle. “[I] want to maximize my physical strength and keep my skin good without doing anything to my face. I do believe that beauty and wellness really reflects in your face, in your eyes, and how you feel. It goes hand in hand with elegance as well. I think a woman that looks well and confident is innately elegant.”

Finding the time for that self-care? Less straight-forward, she says. Luckily, Winslet has recently added watchmaker to her list of professions, unveiling a timepiece she created in collaboration with Longines to benefit the Golden Hat Foundation, whose mission is to change the way people on the autism spectrum are perceived by society.

We caught up with Winslet at the launch to talk about her adorable daily car ride tradition with her kids, her pre-red carpet anti-aging trick, and the one beauty product she loves so much, she keeps it in her pocket.

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Are you naturally an early bird? With three kids, I have to be! I usually get up between 6:00 and 6:15 and throw myself into the shower, then make a quick cup of tea. As long as I’ve done that I can be ready for everyone else. For breakfast, I’ll usually make a smoothie for everyone and then we have about a 40-minute journey to school. We really maximize our time in the car—everyone eats in the car and chooses a song they like. That journey time is really special.

You’re often taking care of others; what does self-care look like for you? Lots of green juicing. Our fridge is always full of spinach, kale, cucumbers. I’m vegetarian and my husband is vegan, so there’s a lot of plant-based focus in our home. My husband turning vegan is relatively recent, so that’s been a really fun education because you have to learn to be a little more inventive with foods.

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What product makes you feel truly elegant? The Génefique Lancôme line has a really wonderful face mask. Its a real winner after a really long flight or before a red carpet event. And I drink lots and lots of water! I’m really trying to be healthy, you know?

Do you have a morning beauty regimen? I do try and quickly grab two minutes to just throw on a tiny bit of makeup, quickly curl the eyelashes, and a do a little bit of lip balm. I sometimes will just throw mascara in my pocket, and if that’s as much as I’ll achieve, I’m proud of myself. I wish I could tell you that I love to get massages and pedicures and really pamper myself, but I just don’t. There’s no time!

What’s your fitness go-to? Power yoga class a couple of times a week, some barre, cardio, and we have a dog, so I love going on walks.

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Diane Bondareff

You aren’t on any social media. How come? Social media just isn’t a part of our lives, which is amazing. I don’t need that noise in my life, and neither does my family. I’ve yet to believe that social media is a positive thing for children. Children grow up so much faster these days, and I think that it isn’t fair on them the level of pressure that social media really does seem to apply. As a mom, the one thing I want to be able to do for my kids is to protect their childhood. It’s over and done with so quickly. This time in their lives is precious.

When do you get your work done? I normally try to get work done in the afternoon. And the afternoon, as most mothers well know, pretty much ends at around 3 p.m. Then the whole school run begins again and you’re into the ritual of the rest of the day with the children. I can usually manage to fit in reading a whole script in that time or deal with emails. I limit the time that I spend on work, though, because I do care about my time with my family and really keeping that sacred.

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