Katy Perry’s Ex Travie McCoy Looks Totally Unrecognizeable — See Before & After Pic

Katy Perry’s ex-boyfriend Travie McCoy has completely changed his look since he dated the pop singer back in 2007 and it’s got us doing a triple take! Check out what he looks like now!

Katy Perry‘s ex Travie McCoy, 36, whom she dated back in 2007, looks like an entirely different person now and we can’t believe it! The rapper recently took to Instagram to post a pic of himself with a missing front tooth and he’s completely unrecognizable. “When KEEPIN IT REAL GOES HORRIBLY WRONG 🤬🤬🤬 After months and months of threatening her by Set Trippin’ and ‘Bussin’ her in her face and knockin’ her teet out’ She finally had a moment of self importance and did JUST THAT to my ass, THANKS A BUNCH @casanova_2x 👌🏽They taking this sh*t TOO FAR NOW!!!!,” he captioned the pic. We’re not sure if Travie was serious about how the tooth came out or not but it didn’t take him long to post another pic with the tooth fixed so he definitely had it taken care of!

In addition to the missing tooth situation, Travie has seemed to have a rough few years after he admitted to suffering from a drug addiction, which could also be to what’s led him to look so different. Going from taking pills to heroin, the talented music star quickly spiraled into dangerous territory. He explained how he beat the heroin addiction during an interview on the podcast, R.A. The Rugged Man’s Ignorant Long Island Guy’s Podcast, in 2017. “I tore my ACL, MCL, meniscus; twisted all that sh*t up so I’m in the hospital all summer and they put me on OxyContin,” Travie said in the interview, according to MTO News. “And they sent me home with a prescription full [of Oxy] and from that point on … and the first time I ran out, I got hella sick withdrawals.” Fortunately, Travie now says he completely beat his addiction is back to making music after having to take a break.

We’re so glad to hear that Travie is now clean and although we’re not sure if he and Katy are still in contact it would probably be pretty cool to see them meet up and hang out again! It would definitely give us nostalgia in all the right ways. We wish a lot of health and happiness to Travie on his journey and hope he continues being strong and optimistic!

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