Keira Knightley felt ‘very stuck’ after becoming an ‘object of lust’

Misbehaviour: Keira Knightley stars in trailer

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The 37-year-old actress became an instant Hollywood hit as a teenager when she originated the iconic role of Elizabeth Swann. While she loved her roles and work, the star regrets the way she treated herself in her early career, calling her early adulthood an “extreme landing”.

The Pirates of the Caribbean star has been in the Hollywood spotlight for two decades now, after landing the role of a lifetime alongside Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom when she was just 17.

The actress was largely tied to her role as aristocrat-turned-pirate Elizabeth until 2007 when she left the franchise, alongside her on-screen husband Orlando Bloom, to pursue other projects.

Keira admitted that she retaliated against her character once she left Pirates of the Caribbean and that being an “object of lust” from such a young age had detrimental effects on her career ideals.

In a new interview with Harper’s Bazaar UK, gracing the April cover, Keira shared some of her biggest regrets and reflections from being thrust into the spotlight at such a pivotal age.

Keira revealed that while the role of Elizabeth Swann garnered her international fame and adoration, she was not having a positive experience acting out the character.

She shared: “(Elizabeth Swann) was the object of everybody’s lust. Not that she doesn’t have a lot of fight in her.

“But it was interesting coming from being really tomboyish to getting projected as quite the opposite.

“I felt very constrained. I felt very stuck.”

In the 16 years since her last Pirates of the Caribbean flick, Keira has explored a vast range of characters and genres, starring in the likes of The Imitation Game, Anna Karenina, Everest and Misbehaviour.

However, Keira revealed she had some regrets about the roles she was seeking right after leaving the franchise as she was desperately trying to get away from the “object of lust” typecast.

She shared: “I didn’t have a sense of how to articulate it. It very much felt like I was caged in a thing I didn’t understand.”

The actress willingly admitted that she was “incredibly hard on myself” and believed “I was never good enough” in her work.

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While this constantly pushed the actress to up her game, improve her skills and ultimately become a better actress, her expectations quickly rose too high.

She shared: “I was always trying to get better and better and improve, which is an exhausting way to live your life.

“I am in awe of my 22-year-old self, because I’d like a bit more of her back.”

The Imitation Game star noted that she can recognise her own extraordinary work ethic “only by not being like that any longer”.

Rising to international fame at 17 also meant Keira found herself under international scrutiny on the verge of being an early adult.

As a result, the actress says she’s never learnt to be comfortable in public as a normal woman.

Labelling her early adulthood as “an extreme landing”, the actress continued: “There’s a funny place where women are meant to sit, publicly, and I never felt comfortable with that.

“It was a big jolt. I was being judged on what I was projecting.”

The April issue of Harper’s Bazaar UK is on sale from March 9.

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