Kelly Osbourne reveals she relapsed after nearly four years: ‘It’s never going to be easy’

Kelly Osbourne is opening up about her recent lapse in sobriety.

The 36-year-old daughter of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne revealed she relapsed on alcohol after nearly four years of sobriety following a “nervous breakdown” during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. 

“I don’t know why my nervous breakdown happened at the end of the lockdown, I made it all the way through, everything was great, and my life was perfect,” she said in an interview with Extra Tuesday. “I’m that girl that when everything is going great, I need to (expletive) it up a little and make everything a little bit worse in my life.”

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Kelly Osbourne is opening up about her lapse in sobriety. (Photo: Rich Fury, Getty Images)

The “Project Runway Junior” judge said she convinced herself that she was no longer “an addict anymore” after experiencing a string of personal highs, including “all of my career goals happening” and landing an “incredible boyfriend.” 

But the star said her recent relapse has solidified that she will have to fight for her sobriety “for the rest of my life,” adding, “It’s never going to be easy.”

“I am an addict and had thought that I had enough time under my belt and I could drink like a normal person, and it turns out I cannot and I will never be normal,” she said. “I don’t know why I even tried it. It’s not for me and it took me a matter of days and I was like done, not doing this.”

Osbourne said she “came clean” and decided to go public with her relapse to help others by “sharing what you can go through,” instead of suffering in silence.

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Osbourne first shared that she relapsed last week. 

“This is a little hard for me to talk about, but I’ve always promised you that I will always be honest with you about where I’m at and what’s going on in my road to recovery,” she said in a video posted on her Instagram Story. “I relapsed. Not proud of it. But I am back on track.”

The former “Fashion Police” star has been open about her struggle with addiction and alcohol and has received treatment at rehab multiple times. Osbourne announced she was one year sober in August 2018 after relapsing. 

Osbourne said in the interview with Extra that she’s “sober today” and will be “sober tomorrow,” adding that sobriety “truly is just one day at a time.”

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