Kelly Ripa Shares A Bunch Of Family Photos From Grecian Vacation

Fans think her sons look incredibly handsome.

It wouldn’t be a vacation if there weren’t family photos to go along with it.

On a photo collage from Kelly Ripa’s Instagram page last night, the mother of three shared a series of sweet images from her family trip to Greece. Along with a few snapshots of her sons, Ripa shared countless solo shots of her handsome husband, Mark Consuelos.

Towards the beginning of the photo collage, many would think that Kelly’s photo-shy daughter, Lola Consuelos, was not even on the trip with the rest of the family. But later, a few images in the collage showed the backside of Lola, and then eventually fans were treated to a smiling snapshot of the beautiful 17-year-old.

Ripa also showed off her photography skills, taking photos of the Greek landscape as well as gorgeous displays of flowers in the slideshow. And of course it comes as no shock that Ripa’s nearly 2 million followers absolutely loved the stream of photos, giving the post an impressive 472,000 views as well as 1,500 comments.

Many fans let Kelly know that they were jealous of what looked to be an amazing vacation while countless other fans couldn’t help but comment on the photos to let the Live With Kelly and Ryan host know what a beautiful family she has.

Warning: This video contains images of a family vacation. (No family members were harmed during the making of this trip) #greece ????????

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“Kelly beautiful little lady and amazing gorgeous little lady love babies Dad Mark and children are very beautiful woman Kelly Love son and daughter is beautiful little lady.”

“Beautiful family–are you ever amazed at how much your sons look like Mark? And Lola is more beautiful every day,” one more fan wrote.

Just last week, the 47-year-old made headlines after snapping back at followers who were giving her a hard time. As the Inquisitr shared, Ripa posted a photo of herself and her husband, Mark, on vacation in Greece. In the sweet photo, Kelly looks into the camera as Mark sits behind her and appears to nuzzle her cheek. While most of the comments on the photo were positive, Ripa received some backlash with a few fans writing that they think that Kelly takes too many vacations.

Something about these Grecian sunsets ????☀️???????????? (oh and viva Mexico ????????- see story)

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“She’s the only anchor with the whole summer off. She doesn’t work that hard to begin with,” one fan wrote on the post.

But Kelly noticed some of the negative comments and took the opportunity to stick up for herself and her work habits.

“I’m not an anchor, I don’t have the whole summer off, and I work extremely hard,” she responded. “Anything else?”

And as you can tell, the comments didn’t seem to phase Ripa as she clearly had an amazing trip.

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