Kesha Accused Dr. Luke Of Allegedly Raping Katy Perry In Shocking Text Messages

Court docs reveal that Kesha once texted Lady Gaga to tell her that Dr. Luke allegedly raped Katy Perry. We have more details here.

Court documents from the ongoing defamation suit between Kesha and Dr. Luke (real name Lukas Gottwald) reveal that Kesha sent Lady Gaga a text message accusing the producer of allegedly raping fellow pop star Katy Perry. The documents, obtained by HollywoodLife, read in part, “On February 26, 2016 [Kesha] sent a text message to Stefani Germanotta p/k/a/ Lady Gaga which repeated [Kesha’s] false claim that [Luke] had raped her.

“[Kesha] also falsely asserted that [Luke] had also raped Kathryn Hudson p/k/a/ Katy Perry,” adding, “Following this text message conversation, and with [Kesha’s] encouragement, [Gaga] spread negative messages about [Luke] in the press and on social media.”

While the text from Kesha to Gaga had been discussed in the past as a piece of discovery, the contents of the text were unknown until now. Katy has never publicly accused Dr. Luke of any sexual misconduct, or discussed any of alleged incidents. HollywoodLife has reached out to Kesha, Dr. Luke, and Katy Perry’s reps for comment. The documents also reveal that Katy was disposed in the suit, but did not indicate what she said.

Dr. Luke is seeking $50 million in damages from Kesha after claiming that she defamed him with her sexual assault allegations. Those claims were thrown out by a NY judge in 2016. The producer alleges that Kesha’s allegation cost him potential revenue that he would have earned by working with Katy — he believes he could have made $10.2 million from work done on Katy’s 4th, 5th, and 6th albums. Katy has never said that she stopped working with Dr. Luke because of Kesha’s allegations. At the time that she parted ways with the producers, she said she just “needed to leave the nest.

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