Kevin Smith Was Singing and ‘Very Chatty’ During Heart Surgery

Actor/director Kevin Smith sang his way through emergency heart surgery after he was kept awake for the procedure. The “Clerks” star, 47, was hospitalized in February after suffering a massive heart attack in between stand-up comedy shows in Glendale, California, forcing him to cancel his second performance.

He immediately went under the knife to clear a blocked artery, and remained conscious throughout the health crisis. “I was talking the whole operation,” he shared on breakfast show “Today“. “(The doctor) told me later on, ‘You’re very chatty.’ He’s like, ‘You wanted to know everything. You were singing a song – ‘Degrassi’ (Canadian drama series).’ And I was singing the theme song to ‘Degrassi’ because it’s very hopeful.”

Smith is now feeling “great” after the medical emergency, as the heart attack made him overhaul his unhealthy lifestyle. “Honestly, the heart attack was the best thing that ever happened to me,” he nodded.

He was advised by his cardiologist to lose 50 pounds (22.7 kilograms) and adopt a vegan diet, and after shedding his first few pounds, which he documented on social media, he was approached by Weight Watchers officials to become a new celebrity representative for the healthy-eating firm.

“This is the weight I was when I met my wife, so this is a good weight to be at,” he explained, revealing he has lost 32 pounds (14.5 kilograms) to date. “Last time I was at this weight, I scored, big time.” Smith added, “I joined Weight Watchers, and they made me an ambassador. It’s me, Oprah Winfrey and DJ Khaled; I’m in pretty good company.”

However, Kevin hasn’t ditched all his vices. He is still an avid marijuana user, and even confessed to getting high just before appearing on air for the live TV interview, his first since the heart attack. “I’m a wake-and-baker, so I’m feeling fantastic,” he said about his good mood. “I’ve been up since 5am, I’m ready to embrace the day.”

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