Khloe Kardashian Shares Adorable New Photo Of Baby True Thompson Ahead Of ‘KUWTK’ Season Premiere

Kardashian added an Armenian word to the caption which means “My Life.”

Khloe Kardashian has shared a new photo of her baby True Thompson on Instagram and it’s adorable. In the shot, True is lounging on a chair in the sunlight and is wearing a white dress. Her cheeks look fittingly chubby for a 3-month-old and you can see her green eyes sparkling in the light.

According to The Heavy, Kardashian first posted the photo with just the word “Kyankus.” If you think you can go to Webster’s Dictionary to look up the meaning of that word, don’t bother. It’s Armenian. Khloe later updated the caption with English meaning, “My Life.”

Khloe has shared quite a few photos of True since she gave birth to her three months ago. On July 26, she posted another cute shot of her baby in a grey mini sweatsuit. You can see that she’s being held by a pair of well-manicured hands which presumably belong to her mom.

In the caption, Khloe reveals that the photo was taken two months before she posted it.

True’s aunt, Kim Kardashian, has shared a photo of her as well. Two days ago, Mrs. Kardashian West posted a photo of True playing with her cousin, Chicago West. In the photo, the two famous tiny tots are crouching on a blanket next to her and it almost looks like Chicago is trying to teach True how to crawl.

“Best friends for life!!!!!” Kim wrote in the caption of the photo.

Kyankus ???????? My Life

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Khloe may be posting photos of True but there’s one important person in her baby’s life who’s been absent from her Instagram lately: True’s father, Tristan Thompson.

True came into the world during a tumultuous time in her mom and dad’s relationship. A short time before her birth, media outlets shared multiple videos and photos which showed Tristan being “flirty” with women who weren’t his very pregnant girlfriend.

Although there have been reports that Khloe and Tristan are working on their relationship, he hasn’t made an appearance on her Instagram page since April 9.

About 2 months ago… ????

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Best friends for life!!!! ????

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Khloe posted the new photo of True on the day that the family’s flagship reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, returns for its fifteenth season. The premiere promises to be filled with drama. Promotional clips have revealed that Kim and Kourtney had a huge fight over the scheduling of the annual Kardashian Christmas photo shoot. During what looks like a very one-sided argument Kim says that Kourtney is the “interesting to look at,” amongst other hurtful things. Later Kourtney calls her younger sister an “evil human being” over the phone.

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