Kim Kardashian Took Her High School Friends to See "Fashion Icon" Cher in Concert

Kim Kardashian Took Her High School Friends to See “Fashion Icon” Cher in Concert

Kim Kardashian kept her high school reunion festivities rolling on May 4 when she brought her girlfriends along for a night out in Vegas for a Cher concert. Kim recently celebrated her 20-year high school reunion with fellow Marymount High School graduates, but obviously, when Kim’s involved, the party never stops.

The 37-year-old mom and reality star has called Cher her “fashion icon” and even dressed up as the singer for Halloween last year, so you can imagine how excited she was to see Cher’s performance at the Park Theater in Las Vegas. It should come as no surprise that Kim had the perfect outfits for the concert — not one, but two fully decked-out, Cher-inspired looks. Kim took her followers along for her night out via her Instagram Stories, and her snaps have us looking for a way to “turn back time” so we could join in on the fun!

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