Kimberley Walsh introduces baby son Nate after welcoming third child with Justin Scott

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The third time really was a charm for Kimberley Walsh as she welcomed son Nate Jackson Scott into the world.

As she introduces the adorable tot exclusively to OK!, the former Girls Aloud singer reveals she had a “perfect” birth after those of her other boys Bobby, six, and Cole, four, left her “in shock”.

And she says Nate’s arrival has also made her family with husband Justin Scott, 38, feel like the finished article.

“Me and Justin said to each other yesterday that two just didn’t seem enough for some reason, but now we feel complete,” says Kimberley, 39.

Nate weighed in at 7lb 4oz at 6.45pm on 28 May in the Lindo Wing at St Mary’s Hospital, West London – where the likes of the Duchess of Cambridge and the late Princess Diana have had babies.

Kimberley’s third boy arrived with a full head of gorgeous dark hair after his fuss-free delivery and his brothers are just as smitten as his parents.

“They’re like my mannies, my two nanny helpers!” laughs Kimberley. “I can’t believe how much they adore him already.”

Here, Kimberley tells OK! all about her labour, how they are settling into their new family life and what gifts Nate got from his Girls Aloud aunties…

Congratulations, Kimberley! How are you feeling?

I’m actually doing really well. It’s a bit easier the third time around, as you know what you’re doing. At first I was like, “Oh, gosh, I can’t even remember what to do.” But now I can’t even imagine him not being here.

The two-year age gap was tough with Bobby and Cole, and there were plenty of hairy moments. But now they’re older they’re more of a help than anything.

A couple of mornings they’ve just got up, Bobby has made them breakfast and they’ve put on their uniforms!

That’s adorable! How does it feel to be a mum of three boys?

It’s quite special when you’ve got so many of the same sex. I have always been drawn towards boys, the male energy is a bit more straightforward and I always liked that.

Even at school, loads of my friends were boys and I’m not the most girly girl, which is probably surprising to some people because of me being in a girl band and all the glamour, but there’s less guessing with boys.

How did you choose the name Nate?

I’ve always liked the name. There was a Nate in Boyz II Men and I’ve known a few people in the industry with the name and it’s quite American-sounding, and so is Cole, so I felt like they went well together.

I’ve also watched a few American series recently with characters called Nate, like How To Get Away With Murder, and the name felt right when I heard it. We said we wouldn’t name him until we got home, but when we got back the boys were adamant that was his name! His middle name is also a J like them, as they’re Bobby Jay and Cole Jacob.

How was the birth?

I wasn’t due until 8 June but when I had a last set of blood tests at the end of May they found these antibodies that hadn’t been there the whole pregnancy. They said it was unusual for them to show then, as usually they would treat them throughout the pregnancy.

They took advice from the lab and paediatrician because the type of antibodies they were can cause anaemia in the baby, and the worst-case scenario would have been a blood transfusion for Nate. I was like, “Oh, God!” They decided because I was so far along they would rather get him out, so they induced me 10 days early at 10am.

That must have been so worrying…

Yeah, it would have been so scary if he’d had to have the transfusion straight away. I was just hoping the antibodies hadn’t appeared long enough to affect him. They took some extra blood from my placenta and the cord to check, and thankfully he was very healthy.

We’re so glad! Did you have any pain relief?

I had an epidural just after my waters broke at 2pm. Epidurals are brilliant now.

You can have “moving” epidurals that you can top up as much as needed, so you can still walk around and feel the contractions.

It obviously helps with the pain massively but I much prefer being able to feel the contractions and be in control of my body in labour. I was doing squats and dancing trying to get his head to come down! My obstetrician said, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen anybody this agile on an epidural.”

Did everything go smoothly?

Yeah, in a way it was the perfect labour. I have the most amazing birth video, which Justin made of me watching him come out.

It was an amazing experience. I wouldn’t say Justin enjoyed it but he didn’t find this one too troublesome! Previously, there was always a drama, whereas this time I managed to push him out in three pushes because I focused everything into it.

I think Justin always feels a bit helpless but he really steps up when the baby arrives. The boys keep saying to him, “Daddy, you’re so good with babies, were you like this with us?”

What happened with Bobby and Cole’s births?

Bobby turned back-to-back at the final hour and it was all very scary, and the obstetrician was like, “I’ve got one chance to get him out or I’ll have to take you to theatre.”

I had an episiotomy and forceps, which was really not fun. Cole went from 5cm to 10cm dilated within the space of two minutes and nobody was in the room.

I got up to go to the toilet and his head just came down, so Justin had to call them! The epidural had also worn off so
I was in horrendous labour pain and suddenly he was out in five minutes.

With both of them, I was in shock afterwards, whereas this time I was so calm.

Were there any tears at Nate’s birth?

Oh yeah, I always cry. It’s crazy to finally meet them. I was a little wary until he cried, I was holding my breath, and then when he cried, I cried.

Did you treat yourself to some champagne in the Lindo Wing?

I thought I would really want some but in reality all I wanted was toast and tea! As soon as he was born, I said, “Please can I have loads of toast and marmalade?”

And the lady said, “Loads?” and I said, “Yeah, I don’t mean just two slices, I mean a pile of toast!” [Laughs]

I had a little glass of rosé in the garden though when we got home – but just the one because when you’re breastfeeding, you can’t really drink.

Are you enjoying breastfeeding?

I am. I had a really tough time with Bobby and Cole, they were both quite hard to latch and they both had tongue tie, and the doctors didn’t realise straight away.

I’m from a family of women who have all breastfed, so I was really determined to try, because it’s all I’ve ever known.

I worked really hard and fed Bobby for six months and Cole for seven. With Nate, I was kind of dreading it and thinking I was going to have the same struggle, but he latched on within two minutes and fed for an hour. It’s crazy, you assume it’s something with you, but it’s just the way it is.

What was the moment you introduced Bobby and Cole to Nate like?

We videoed it and it’s very cute. They just had this instant attachment and love. We have a step in our hallway and it’s the exact same spot we showed Cole to Bobby.

I can’t believe how much they adore him already. On the first night, Bobby came down at 3am and I said, “Sorry, Bobs, did the baby wake you?” and he said, “I can’t hear the baby, I just woke up and wondered if you needed help?” I was like, “You’re killing me!”

We recently had Cole in the bed as he had a nightmare and I explained how he’ll get woken up in our bed, and he said, “Yeah, but I don’t want you to do this on your own in the night.” Clearly, Justin was asleep at this point! [Laughs]

I had his company for one of the feeds and he was helping grab stuff. And as soon as Bobby gets in from school he wants a cuddle. He takes his T-shirt off so he can do skin to skin!

Do you feel like your family is complete now?

It does and we’ve decided Nate will be our last baby, although Bobby is trying it on with Justin and saying, “I think we might need one more!” I’m like, “Bobs, we’re done!”

This age gap is lovely and with the age I’m at, if I was going to have another it would have to be fairly soon – and that’s not going to happen! Me and Justin said to each other yesterday that two just didn’t seem enough for some reason but now our family feels complete.

I didn’t want it to just be the two boys constantly competing against each other. With my sister Sally having three boys and another boy on the way, we’re going to have a crew of seven lads!

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Have any of your Girls Aloud bandmates met Nate?

Cheryl [Tweedy] and Nicola [Roberts] have come over. Nadine [Coyle] texted me the other day saying her little girl has put together a box of things for him, so she’s going to pop round, which will be lovely.

Sarah [Harding] obviously can’t get down at the moment but she sent me a gorgeous bouquet of flowers and we’ve been texting. I’ve sent her loads of pictures.

It’s really nice to share the joy with them and have another one in the mix. We’re planning a barbecue and to get all the kids together over the summer holidays.

Were Cheryl and Nicola obsessed with him?

Yeah, he’s extremely cute and I think when you haven’t held a newborn for a while you’re kind of blown away at how tiny they are. They could both see the boys in him, so it’s almost like seeing someone you know. They loved him!

Did they get him any gifts?

Cheryl got me a big Jumperoo and said, “This was a lifesaver for me!” And they are, aren’t they? You can plonk them in and know they are safe while you get on with other stuff. Nicola got him some really cute clothes and summer rompers. He’s going to be spoiled, as usual!

Are you proud of Sarah for publishing her book recently?

I really am. She’s literally a superhero for dealing with what she’s going through and managing to release her book. I’m just here for her with absolutely anything she needs and she knows that, it’s important to know you have support and are loved.

And that’s the most important thing to me right now. I’m just focusing on being there for her.

Of course. And finally, you’re going to be turning 40 this November. Do you have anything planned for the milestone?

I’m really hoping that, Covid-19 permitting, I’ll be able to do a big party, because it’s a big birthday. I do feel like
it’s something to celebrate and not shy away from, so I would love to get everyone together.

I know that some people dread it but I feel like there’s no point in getting down about it. I have a lovely family, so I don’t have much to moan about.

I’m just going to go all in and be as happy as possible about being 40! I’m so happy with where I am in life and lucky to have Justin and my boys, so I’m going to really go for it and embrace being 40 and this next chapter of my life.

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