Kourtney Kardashian fans beg Travis to stop raunchy comments on her photos

Kourtney Kardashian's fans have begged Travis Barker to stop posting raunchy comments under her photos.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star, 43, and Blink-182 drummer, 46, tied the knot at Castello Brown in Italy last month.

Known for their displays of public affection, Kourtney and Travis are no strangers to ruffling feathers when showcasing their love for one another – with Kourtney's kids even asking the pair to stop kissing.

Now Kravis' fans have joined in on the pleas to tone down the PDA, as on Saturday 4 June, Kourtney shared several snaps of her sporting a black jacket over a black bra, mini skirt, and heels.

Her caption then read: "Hi yes this is Mrs. Barker, how may I help you."

Commenting under the snaps, Travis cheekily wrote: "I got a few ideas", to which many of Kourtney's 182 million followers didn't approve of.

Responding to Travis, one person said: "@TravisBarker for the love of god, stop. I'm begging you more than Penelope at this point. It gives me the same vibe as old people's skin."

A second wrote: "@Travisbarker you give me creepy vibes. Please stop."

"@Travisbarker you guys were cute in the beginning, but now it's really kind of gross, y'all gotta stop," another said.

A fourth wrote: "@Travisbarker you two gotta stop," and a fifth commented: "@Travisbarker you two are gross, she's ruined."

However, not everyone was grossed out by Travis's comment as one person wrote: "You made Kourt finally get the love she deserves. You two were made for each other soulmates."

A second said: "@Travisbarker congratulations, she's a keeper."

"@Travisbarker we love you," another commented.

This isn't the first time fans have had something to say regarding Travis and Kourtney's romance.

The two have often shared snaps of Travis holding Kourtney's feet, leading fans to suspect Travis has a 'foot fetish'.

Commenting under a snap of the husband and wife wearing matching velvet shoes, one fan wrote: "Okay, you're into feet Trav. We get it."

A second said: "He likes feet and she has great. Let's be happy for them. Periodt. Congrats."

"Travis has a foot fetish," another claimed.

"He really has a foot thing, huh and: "I think Travis has a foot fetish so many pics they upload…involve feet," others commented.

Another said: "So many pictures of feet in this relationship lol."

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