Kristen Stewart Explains What It Was Like To Make Out With Robert Pattinson For Twilight Chemistry Test!

As it turned out, it was immediately obvious from early auditions that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson were meant to play the two leads in the memorable Twilight saga!

The 31-year-old actress is now revealing new details about the process of being cast for that series of films, speaking out in a profile published in the New Yorker on Monday.

And even though Stewart is now engaged to fiancée Dylan Meyer, she’s still able to admit the chemistry was OFF THE CHARTS with the 35-year-old Pattinson way back in 2008 when this all went down.

Speaking out about her time on screen with Pattinson for the Twilight saga, the Adventureland actress didn’t mince words about her connection back then to the Batman star. She reflected on going to film director Catherine Hardwick‘s house to read lines and meet Pattinson, so that Hardwick could get a feel for whether the two young stars-to-be were going to connect on camera.

And when it came down to it, as Kristen reflected with a fake show of swooning in nostalgia, the chemistry was evident immediately from the get-go (below):

“It was so clear who worked. I was literally just, like… .”

Love it!

Considering the real world history these two had together right around that time, it makes sense that KStew would have felt that way in the moment way back in 2008! And she went on to praise Pattinson for his laid-back demeanor and detached approach to the part — which ended up being perfect for Edward Cullen!

Kristen added:

“ had an intellectual approach that was combined with ‘I don’t give a f**k about this, but I’m going to make this sing.’ And I was, like, ‘Ugh, same.’”


It’s actually very funny to hear her take on the whole Twilight phenomenon from an acting perspective now that she’s all grown up and has transitioned to major acting achievements.

In that same vein, Stewart is now able to joke about how important her teen vibe was to the success of the saga based in Forks, Washington. Joking that both she and Pattinson were “young and stupid” when they made the first of the four Twilight movies, Kristen explained:

“ young and stupid. And not to say that we made it so much better . But that’s what it needed, and that’s what anybody playing those parts needed to feel.”

She’s right!

We can be cynical and sarcastic while watching teen-targeted soap opera movies all we want, but the fact is, they work when the actors involved buy in to what they’re doing. And the runaway success of the Twilight franchise ought to be all the indication in the world that this former couple did that to the best of their ability!

Of course, Kristen has since moved on to happily ever after with Meyer, and Pattinson is thriving in his own life and career, but still… this discussion really brings back memories, doesn’t it?!

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