Kylie Jenner: TERRIFIED by Stalker Who Showed Up at Her House!!

Previous reports said that Kylie Jenner is doing just fine without Travis Scott. But her attitude may soon change.

A crazed stalker showed up at Kylie’s house and made it far enough to physically pound on the exterior of her home.

This aggressive trespasser reportedly has Kylie in fear for her safety — and that of her 21-month-old daughter, Stormi. 

TMZ reports that this harrowing encounter took place on Tuesday, October 29.

According to court documents filed by Kylie Jenner’s personal attorney, Shawn Chapman Holley, Kylie has a stalker.

A man was able to walk right up her driveway and make it all the way to her front door, where he reportedly began pounding violently.

He loudly claimed that he was there to see Kylie, and demanded to be allowed to see her.

Thankfully, Kylie does have security. One of her guards escorted the intruder off of her property.

Hew as arrested — and we know that it could have been a lot worse.

Documents indicate that the man’s behavior was erratic — even for a lunatic demanding to speak to a celebrity billionaire at her home.

In addition to the trespassing charge, he was arrested for being under the influence.

We do not yet know what substance was allegedly influencing this stalker.

However, he was also accused of bringing contraband into the jail, as he had a glass pipe on his person.

The L.A. County District Attorney’s Office filed felony charges over the glass pipe.

Prosecutors have also charged the man with misdemeanor trespass by driving on private property.

You may be thinking that this man must have been a neighbor or guest, since Kylie lives in a gated community.

However, apparently he managed to hike in order to gain access to the neighborhood.

From there, he simply found Kylie’s home and, as we described, demanded to see her.

It is important to remember that gated communities may keep tabs on who comes and goes, but offer little real protection against a determined intruder.

Kylie says that she is concerned for her own safety, but especially scared for Stormi.

It is her fear that a man this determined and unstable will return, possibly with a plan to circumvent her security this time.

She notes that he follows her and her other family members on social media.

That could make it easier for him to track her wherabouts, even if she declines to tag her location. Your social media tells the world your schedule.

The good news for Kylie and for Stormi is that this man has been ordered to stay away from her.

He is required to keep 100 yards away from Kylie’s home, Kylie’s car, and from Kylie herself.

The concern, of course, is that if the man remains unhinged, he will not abide by any such order.

That is why it is fortunate that a woman of virtually inlimited wealth can afford the best security in the world to protect her home, her person, and her child.

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