LAPD to Dodgers, Stop Flashing Your Money On Social Media!

The elite commercial crimes division of LAPD met with the L.A. Dodgers recently to give advice on how to avoid being hit by scumbag burglars … and the message was simple, STOP FLEXING ONLINE!!! 

It’s not exactly rocket science … cops say criminals are targeting high profile people who are showing off their valuables on social media — and with athletes, it ain’t hard for the bad guys to find out when they’re on the road. 

We’ve already reported on burglary crews who have targeted homes belonging to Dodgers, Rams, Lakers and other major stars living in L.A. 

Of course, the LAPD advised the players to beef up their private security and make sure their homes are being monitored during road trips and vacations. 

But, the bigger message was clear … stop baiting the criminals by showing off what’s inside your homes!!!

Another law enforcement source tells us the message to all athletes and celebs is … be less like Floyd Mayweather (who flaunts his toys whenever he can) and more like LeBron James (who protects his property with a full security team).

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