Lauren Goodger: ‘Waking up with Joey is so lovely!’

Lauren Goodger opens up about life with Joey Morrison and her thoughts on this year’s Love Island scandals…

Joey’s weekend prison break

I spent last weekend with Joey as he was out on home leave and has been out a few times in recent months.

I’m really enjoying the time we’re spending together – staying in bed together, waking up and going out has been lovely.

It’s so nice to have him at our home and seeing all the real world outside of that prison visit room.


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We go shopping and out for dinner – all the nice, normal things I’ve waited so long for! By the way, we weren’t looking at wedding venues [below] – we were supporting Joey’s brother at his music video filming!

I’ve kept it private and not posted before as I’m too busy enjoying myself but also he’s still in prison.

That carries its own set of rules, which is why I covered his face with an emoji! 
I just can’t wait now for him to come home permanently. Tick tock….

Morning Mayhem

That day on This Morning…Well, let me tell you: my alarm didn’t go off and I only woke up because my car was outside to take me there. I had to roll out of bed into my outfit, then did my hair and make-up in the car.

I made it there with 10 mins to go until I was on, then I was handed 
a coffee with the lid not on properly and I poured it all down my white top. The production crew’s faces were a picture!

I forgot my brush so had to shove my hair up and I looked like a mad woman. I don’t know how I made it on to that sofa in one piece, lol!

Later I went to an event for the dating app Badoo in Shoreditch and I had a great night. It was super-chilled. I saw my mate Dani Armstrong there. It’s always so nice to see her 
– we don’t stop laughing!

Lighten up, it’s only a TV show!

I went on This Morning to talk about Adam’s behaviour on Love Island last week. Everyone needs to relax a bit.

It’s a reality show and should be fun. I feel sorry for Rosie, but he had form and I don’t think after seven days you can act like your five-year relationship has broken down when he goes for another girl.

The girls are nuts this year! Every time a new girl comes in they act like a territorial pack of wolves. Adam has behaved like a t**t, but the girls have been silly.

People have compared it to my previous relationships, which is ridiculous. I was publicly cheated on after being in a relationship for years.

I challenge anyone not to lose their s**t if that happened to them. But after seven days on a game show? No way.

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