LeBron James Secures Home With Armed Security Amid Wave Of Hollywood Burglaries

LeBron James and his family won’t have to worry much about encountering a home intruder or coming home to busted locks and missing possessions any time soon. Out of concern for the security of his Los Angeles digs and the safety of his wife and children, the freshly assimilated Lakers star has reportedly hired a team of armed security guards to keep an eye on the property.

According to TMZ, James has staffed the 15,846-square-foot mansion with no less than 10 armed personnel. Included among the team are a few off-duty officers of the LAPD and there is even report that the National Basketball Association is also working in collaboration with an initiative to secure James’ safety. There has been no word on how much the endeavor will cost James, although it couldn’t put too much of a dent in the pockets of a man who coughed up $23 million for the estate last year.

The measure that James has taken may just inspire other celebrities to follow suit in erring on the side of extra precaution, given how many high-profile break-ins have been carried out in the Hollywood province over the past several months. It is a move that certainly could have saved Rihanna a couple of headaches seeing how one of her residences in the Hills has been ransacked twice in four months, as was reported by the Inquisitr just over one week ago.

Thanks to a recent South L.A. vehicle stop that led to the bust of four suspects who were found in possession of valuables belonging to L.A. Rams star Robert Woods, authorities believe they may have gotten to the bottom of the burglary ring. Further investigation would unearth a wealth of jewelry, designer fashion items, a stolen vehicle, and $50,000 in cash that raised red flags for investigators. To top it off, officers on the case would eventually come across what is being taken to be a list of targets for future burglaries that were in the plans of culprits.

As USA Today went on to report, LeBron James’ name happened to be one of those on the list. Viola Davis and Matt Damon were two others who stood a chance of being victimized by a burglary ring that is said to have used social media and public record of their victims’ busy schedules to know when to execute the crimes. Nicki Minaj, Emmy Rossum, Jaime Pressly, Alanis Morissette, David Spade, Yasiel Puig, Christina Milian, Derek Fisher, and Byron Scott are a few of the famous individuals who have learned all too well about how sophisticated such operations have been over the past couple of years.

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