‘Legacies’ Monster of the Week Format Was Something That Wasn’t Used From ‘Vampire Diaries’ Days

Can you believe that the premiere of Legacies is finally tonight?!

Showrunner Julie Plec opened up to EW ahead of the series debut about how she actually brought back her monster of the week idea from the floor of Vampire Diaries days.

“When I set out to do this show, I wanted to make sure there was something different about it both tonally and in its structure,” she shared. “I wanted this school and the kids in this school to have a weekly conflict that wasn’t just generated from within the walls of the school.”

Julie adds, “I went back to when we first started a writers’ room on Vampire Diaries and we had pitched every monster you can possibly think of as a villain in the Vampire Diaries and we never used one of them. And I thought, well, now is the time.”

“Now is the time to go back and embrace the fun of a procedural format much like early Buffy and of course, the mothership, Supernatural,” she continued. “I’ve never done it. I’ve always thought it could be fun and it is fun. We’re having the best time.”

Legacies, starring Danielle Rose Russell, Matthew Davis, Jenny Boyd, Kaylee Bryant, Quincy Fouse, Peyton Alex Smith and Aria Shahghasemi, airs TONIGHT, October 25th @ 9PM ET/PT on The CW.

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