Lena Dunham Celebrates One Year of Sobriety by Encouraging Others to Seek Help

AceShowbiz -Actress Lena Dunham is celebrating her first year of sobriety by encouraging others struggling with addiction issues to seek help.

The “Girls” creator and star revealed she had cleaned up her act in October (18), when she told Dax Shepard‘s podcast Armchair Expert that she was six months sober after “misusing” anti-anxiety drug Klonopin for years, and on Wednesday, April 10, she reached the one-year milestone.

“Today I’m in the miraculous position of being one year sober,” she wrote beside a selfie, in which she gave fans the thumbs up sign. “I’ve done a lot of cool things in this life, but none has brought me the peace, joy and lasting connections that being part of a sober fellowship has (not even all girls camp…).”

“Life is full of problems, but the cool thing about this one is that there is a solution: in every city, in many countries, you can find a group of people who are working hard to live sober, accountable lives and want to support you on your quest to do the same.”

The 32-year-old admitted it took her a while to realise how serious her dependence on the prescription drugs had become.

“I didn’t know I had an issue with drugs for a long time: because they were doctor prescribed, because I was outwardly successful and not a wild in da club party chick (sic),” she shared. “But wouldn’t you say that hurting people you love is an issue? Wouldn’t you say feeling lost and lonely much of the time is an issue? Wouldn’t you say wearing shorts to a movie premiere *is* an issue?”

Lena went on to insist that while being sober hasn’t “fixed” all her problems, it’s certainly given her a new optimistic perspective on “this beautiful carnival” that is life – and she’s happy to be “on the ride”.

She concluded her candid message by urging anyone facing similar troubles to reach out to others before it’s too late: “Please remember you are never too far gone, too broken or too unique,” she wrote. “There are people in plain sight waiting to help you. Let’s do this.”


Lena’s powerful post won her praise from followers including “Frozen (2013)” star Kristen Bell, who is married to fellow actor and former addict Dax.

“Beautiful beautiful beautiful,” she commented.

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