‘L&HH’ Teairra Mari’s BF Akbar Denies Leaking Her Sex Tape On Instagram: But Is That The Whole Story?

Akbar Abdul-Ahad wants fans to know that he’s not the one who posted Teairra Mari’s sex tape on Instagram! See the message from the ‘LHH’ star’s BF here!

Akbar Abdul-Ahad posted a series of bizarre videos on his Instagram story where he swore up and down that he didn’t leak girlfriend Teairra Mari‘s sex tape. In the videos, he’s talking to Teairra, who’s sitting in bed, trying to get her to say that it was an ex-boyfriend who hacked her Instagram and posted the revenge porn on her page — not him. “You calling your ex who leaked it?” he says to Teairra, who has her back to the camera while she’s on the phone with someone. “Yeah your ex leaked it, not me. You got everyone thinking I leaked it. Tell the truth.”

Honestly, what is going on here?! We feel like we’re losing our minds. In his second video Akbar speaks directly to the camera while the Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star is walking around the bedroom behind him. “Tell the truth about your ex. It was your ex. Your ex had access to everything, not me.” Teairra cuts him off at one point, saying “but you still the one”…then trails off. Still the one what?? Seriously; what really happened here? In her message announcing she’d been hacked she said that she would be pursuing legal action against the hacker. If Akbar posted the porn, then Teairra’s come to terms with it enough to still stay in the same bedroom with him.

Regardless of who hacked her Instagram, Teairra is understandably feeling ashamed and violated by the incident, as a source told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “Lots of people are supporting her and telling her to stay strong and that it’s not her fault but there are way more people taking this chance to attack her and kick her while she’s down,” the source said. “The worst part is that there are people, even people she thought were so-called friends, that are questioning whether she was somehow part of this and did it all for attention. That hurts so bad because she would never, ever do that.”

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