Liam Hemsworth Scares Miley Cyrus Prank; Liam and Miley Instagram Vid

Liam Hemsworth‘s pranks on Miley Crys are apparently a regular occurence nowadays…

Miley and Liam have been going strong since they got back together in 2016, and they seem to be having lots of fun. And while Liam’s pranks on his girlfriend are definitely entertaining, his latest prank didn’t look as fun for Miley — in fact, he almost made her cry!

Poor Miley! Liam completely scared the pants off of her, which is why we don’t blame her for cursing him! Of course, her reaction clearly didn’t stop Liam from enjoying himself, as he ironically captioned the video, “She loves when I do this.”

Just a few weeks ago, Liam pranked Miley in the car as they jammed out to 21 Savage‘s “Bank Account.” Miley was chill as ever as she lip-synced along… until Liam suddenly pretended they were about to crash:

As much as Miley hates Liam scaring her in the moment, we’re sure their sense of humor together is what makes their relationship work so well. That being said, hopefully Liam will give her a bit of a break next time because the last thing we want is to see Miley pass out from fright!

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