Liam Hemsworth’s First Instagram After Confirming His Split From Miley Is Really Positive

Liam Hemsworth is back on the ‘Gram. Well, he never really left, but I definitely expected a social media hiatus from him following the announcement of the end of his marriage. Color me surprised to see Liam Hemsworth’s first Instagram after confirming his split from Miley! The actor took to Instagram to talk about his latest project that’s getting an American release. And no, the post makes no mention of Cyrus, her new single about their breakup "Slide Away," or the fact that Kaitlynn Carter was with Cyrus at the VMAs on Aug. 26. Y’all know our boy Liam is more private than that!

Hemsworth posted an on-set photo of him looking all bloodied and brooding as promotion for his new film, Killerman.

"Excited to announce a movie I worked on called Killerman will be released in the USA on August 30th," Hemsworth said in his caption. "I’m incredibly proud of the work everyone did on it. It was an absolute honor to work with my friend Emory Cohen again, one of my favorite actors, Malik Bader, an extremely creative and intelligent director, and the brilliant Ken Seng for his work as Director of Photography."

"Blood, sweat and tears were shed from all who were involved," the post continued. "Independent film making is always a tough thing to pull off and I just want to thank all the hard-working people who helped make it happen. @killermanofficial."

I will say this look is killer.

I’m kind of scared, and I like it!

The last time Hemsworth posted on Instagram, it was not as happy of an affair. He posted a picture of a beach at sunrise to confirm the news about his and Cyrus’ split.

"Hi all Just a quick note to say that Miley and I have recently separated and I wish her nothing but health and happiness going forward," Hemsworth said. "This is a private matter and I have not made, nor will I be making, any comments to any journalists or media outlets. Any reported quotes attributed to me are false. Peace and Love."

Despite their split being an undeniably difficult ordeal, both Hemsworth’s and Cyrus’ comments about each other and their split have been filled with love.

Even when Cyrus went on a lengthy Twitter rant defending herself amid the split and talk about whatever her and Kaitlynn Carter’s relationship is, Cyrus had nothing but loving words to say about the Hunger Games actor.

Cyrus took to Twitter to shut down any rumors that she cheated on Hemsworth. Her thread said,

She continued in more tweets,

In "Slide Away," the song Cyrus released about her and Hemsworth’s divorce, Cyrus echoed the sentiment that their breakup happened because they grew up and away from each other.

She sings, "Move on, we’re not seventeen / I’m not who I used to be / You say that everything changed / You’re right, we’re grown now."

In her VMAs performance of "Slide Away," Cyrus tweaked the lyrics in that line to say "I’m grown now" instead of "we’re grown now." It’s making some fans wonder if that was intentional shade thrown at Hemsworth, but considering the largely positive and caring things the two have said about each other amid their divorce news, my gut is telling me it was more of a personal choice for Cyrus.

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