Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson send fans wild with cheeky Twitter chat

Louis, 26, kicked it all off when he tweeted Liam saying: ‘@LiamPayne wake up d***head and give me a ring !’

Blimey, say what you mean eh Louis?

This prompted a reply from Liam, 24, a couple of hours later as he explained why he hadn’t responded to his 1D pal.

‘I’ve been up for hours you kn*b I was running late and I’m just about to reply to your text,’ Cheryl’s man hit back.

Given that it’s been over two years since One Direction went on hiatus, seeing two of the group’s members chatting again has got fans VERY excited.

‘WHAT ARE YOU 2 UP TO IM SO CONFUSED BUT MY LILO HEART IS SHAKING,’ one admirer commented, whilst another wrote: ‘OMG WHY YOU DO THIS TO US GAWD ????’

Meanwhile one simply said: ‘I live for these moments’

Many are keen to know what exactly Louis wanted Liam to phone him about, with an eager fan writing: ‘WHAT DID YOU TALK ABOUT??’

And one said: ‘Now I’m curious?tell me everything guys’

C’mon, boys, spill the beans!

It comes after Liam was forced to explain comments he made last week where he’d said that the boys had ‘all spoken about’ a potential reunion.

He later clarified that he’d meant that they’d all talked to the press separately about the idea of getting back together one day, though admitted that he’s still keen on the thought of them having a huge concert in the future.

‘This is the only way One Direction could get any bigger than it was is, these next couple of years if we do well in our solo careers,’ Liam told BBC Radio 1’s Nick Grimshaw on Friday.

‘Imagine the concert of five massive solo artists coming together and doing their own thing? You’ll get five concerts in one. It can be amazing.’

So is THIS what Louis and Liam were talking about? We’ve got everything crossed!

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