Linda Nolan ‘fears this Christmas will be her last’ amid heartbreaking liver cancer battle

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Linda Nolan, 61, was diagnosed with incurable liver cancer back in April after it spread from her pelvis. Her sister Anne Nolan, 69, was told she had stage three breast cancer just a few days earlier. In a new interview, the singer said multiple thoughts had been going through her mind about her future, including whether this Christmas will be her last.

I lie in bed and I wonder how long I’ll be here

Linda Nolan

She said: “I lie in bed and I wonder how long I’ll be here, if I’ll see my great-nieces and nephews grow into adults, or if this Christmas is going to be my last.”

Linda went on to say she also regrets not having children.

“It’s nobody’s fault I just left it too late,” she added to Bella Magazine.

“I put my career in the way. It’s my biggest regret in life but I don’t dwell on it.”

Linda was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006.

A year later, she had Cellulitis and Lymphoedema in her arm and secondary cancer was found on her pelvis in 2017.

Back in September, the Nolan sister joyfully rang the bell in hospital after marking her last day of chemotherapy treatment.

In a video, she said: “Ring this bell, three times well, it’s told to clearly say, my treatment is done, this course is run and I am on my way!”

Linda and Anne went public with their cancer diagnoses over the summer.

In an interview with Lorraine Kelly earlier this month, the pair gave an update about their progress.

Anne said the results of her chemotherapy had been “fantastic”, while Linda said she was still waiting for her results.

“The treatment that you’re having it’s harsh and it’s making you feel ill, but it’s also making you better and that is the way to think about it. Whatever you are going through is to cure the cancer,” Anne revealed.

“That’s what’s happening with me, they’re trying to cure my cancer.

“My prognosis is very good at the moment. I had an operation about two weeks ago and the results were fabulous.

“They found no cancer in the tissue and in my lymph nodes and that was amazing, the results were fantastic that was because of the chemo.”

Linda added: “I’m doing well. I’m doing great actually.

“I’ve had my chemo and I’m just waiting for the results of the scans I’ve had to see if it’s worked.”

On the support they’ve received from their family, she added: “We really do have a very strong and supportive family, so if anyone is out there with no one to turn to maybe if we say something on TV or a magazine, and they can think ‘oh that’s normal’ then that helps.

“Cancer is a very lonely place.”

The pair’s sister Bernie died aged 52 back in 2013, following a battle with breast cancer.

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