Little League World Series Permanently Removing Bunk Beds After Player's Injury

Easton Oliverson

Bunk beds at the Little League World Series are out for good … the tandem sleeping units will be permanently removed from the prestigious event going forward after a player was seriously injured in one of them last year.

Little League officials said in a statement to the Associated Press on Monday … the decision was made after Easton Oliverson suffered a fractured skull and brain bleed while falling from a top bunk inside the LLWS’ dormitory complex in Williamsport, Penn. in 2022.

“Out of an abundance of caution,” the officials said, “we placed all beds individually on the floor during last year’s World Series, and in preparation for the 2023 Little League International Tournament, Little League decided to provide its participants with single, one-level beds for all of their player housing at each of its tournament locations, including those in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, where the dormitories can accommodate all 14 single beds.”

Easton Oliverson's Family Suing Little League Baseball Over LLWS Bunk Bed Fall

Easton Oliverson's Family Suing Little League Baseball Over LLWS Bunk Bed Fall

This year’s version of the event is slated to begin later this week.

As we previously reported, Oliverson nearly died following a fall at last year’s LLWS … with his family saying the 12-year-old tumbled from a top bunk to the floor while he was asleep.

Oliverson was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery … but, thankfully, he survived.

easton oliverson

The player’s family went on to sue Little League Baseball over the fall, alleging the beds were not safe. Little League officials never publicly commented on the allegations in the suit.

As for Oliverson, in the family’s latest update on his condition back in November, they said he’s still making strides in his recovery, though the journey back to 100 percent was not finished yet.

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