Liverpool fans face £1400 return flights as air fares soar for Kiev final

Liverpool fans hoping to head to Kiev for the Champions League final face stumping up for escalating air fares.

The Reds booked their spot in the showpiece event on Wednesday night, but the price of flights from the UK to Kiev ahead of the final on May 26 are already soaring, as airlines ramp up their prices.

A standard return from Manchester to Kiev – flying out on the day before the final and returning on the day after – costs £1,244 with Turkish Airlines, and £1,329 with AirBaltic, reports the Liverpool Echo.

Taking similar flights one week before costs just £259 with Turkish Airlines.

Fans who want cheaper flights could be forced to book long journeys lasting up to 35 hours, or take risky “self-connects” between various budget airlines.

The cheaper offers – around £500 – all involve multiple changeovers and total journey times lasting more than 34 hours.

Fans hoping to pay below £500 will be forced to change between THREE different airlines on the return leg of their journey.

Many flights have already been snapped up by Real Madrid fans since their win against Bayern Munich on Tuesday night.

Spanish fans have been buying up flights with many of the usual connection points, such as Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Prague, Vienna and Istanbul, leading to spikes in prices.

It means that many of the best deals will already be unavailable by the time Liverpool fans come to book their tickets on Thursday.

As such, many Liverpool supporters could be forced to find inventive ways of travelling to the Ukrainian capital.

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