LOL, People Really Think Beyoncé, a Queen Amongst Us, Broke Royal Protocol

Literally all of my our dreams came true this past weekend when Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, and Beyoncé, Queen of Everything, met at the London red carpet premiere for The Lion King. But of course, someone is now trying to ruin this precious moment in history by saying Beyoncé made a major faux pas at the premiere. What exactly did Beyoncé do this time—you know, besides being absolutely flawless in every imaginable way? Well, according to a very salty Entertainment Tonight source, Beyoncé was in violation of royal protocol…simply for arriving after Meghan and Prince Harry walked the red carpet.

The ET source stated that Beyoncé and Jay-Z “disrupted the royal security’s carefully laid plans” and “completely upstaged the royals” because of their later arrival, which IMHO, doesn’t seem like that big of a deal? Funnily enough, royal reporter Rebecca English said that Bey and Jay arrived with more security than the actual royals did, rendering the source’s point about the royal security detail entirely moot. If you’ve ever watched The Princess Diaries, you’d naturally know that a queen is never late, everyone else is simply early. And in this case, this happened to apply to Beyoncé. (A coincidence? I think not.) People really need to chill!

Though we don’t have an official copy of The Royal Rulebook™, it doesn’t appear that either Meghan or Harry were upset by Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s later arrival. In fact, they looked completely unbothered and low-key fangirled over them, just like the rest of us would. There are even pictures and videos to prove it:

I’ve got a feeling this is what you might hVe been waiting to see 😉

In the great words of Queen Bey, “you know you that bitch when you cause all this conversation.” Haters gonna hate!

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