Lord Alan Sugar’s brother dies from Covid-19

Lord Alan Sugar has shared the sad news that his brother has died following a battle with coronavirus. 

The Apprentice boss revealed his sibling Derek tested positive for Covid-19 but died on Monday. 

‘Today I lost my long suffering brother Derek another victim of Covid which added to his underlying health issues,’ Lord Sugar tweeted this morning. 

He continued: ‘He was a life time passionate Spurs supporter.I never forget my sister in law joking with me thanking me for buying him the club. A sad day for us all in the family.’ 

Lord Sugar, 73, also shared a photo of his beloved brother in an Instagram post. 

Fans shared their condolences with Lord Sugar, including one who tweeted: ‘So so sorry for your family’s loss Lord Sugar. Those who dispute Covid as a myth/not serious need to read all these posts. It’s just so sad x.’ 

‘My deepest sympathy for you and your family for your sad loss at this time,’ another said. 

Referring to Derek’s love of Spurs, one follower tweeted: ‘Sorry for your loss Lord Sugar my thoughts are with you and your family. Another member of the Tottenham family lost this year. Forever with us in Spirit. Lillywhite always.’ 

‘I’m sorry for your loss. This pandemic has robbed us already so much,’ one follower shared. 

Another fan weighed in: ‘We’ve lost too many people we didn’t have to and yet people still complain about lockdowns.’ 


Lord Sugar has been vocal during the coronavirus pandemic and recently called for office workers to return to work in order to boost the flailing economy. 

In a column on The Sun, Lord Sugar said: ‘I do believe that an air of ­complacency has been created during this emergency. 

‘But now the City of London is like a morgue. There are so few people around it looks like a bomb has been dropped. 

‘The Government needs to say: “Get your ar*es back in there now”. Same with local councils. Big business isn’t helping either.’

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