Love Island viewers hit out as Samira Mighty in TEARS at dumping result

Love Island has left viewers distraught over the ‘unfair’ result of a dumping which saw Samira Mighty break down in tears.

Monday night’s show saw Samira’s man Frankie Foster get voted off along with Grace Wardle, with the two receiving the lowest amount of public votes when fans were asked to choose their favourite boy and girl in the villa.


Samira was inconsolable when Dani Dyer read out a text confirming that Frankie would be going home and other residents in the villa quickly rallied around to comfort her.

‘It’s not fair,’ the dancer – who had struggled to find romance before meeting Frankie – sobbed as everyone tried to take in the result.

She later tearfully added in the Beach Hut: ‘I was finally happy in here. Finally found someone who actually likes me, who I like as well.

‘And then it’s just gone, I don’t understand it.’

As Frankie prepared to leave she told him that she ‘won’t meet anyone else’ – awww.

The emotional scenes left many viewers devastated for Samira and some hit out at the show for the cruel twist.

‘WHY TF WOULD THEY DO THIS TO SAMIRA. This is an actual OUTRAGE. NO F***ING WAY,’ one tweeted, whilst former Love Island star Scott Thomas wrote: ‘Nahhhhhhhh this ain’t right! Samira has had it tough bless her! Only just found a guy and he’s gonnas! Brutal’

And one viewer added: ‘I have never felt so sorry for anyone on love island as much as I do for samira, honestly that touched a nerve’

Others have accused the show of failing to give Samira and Frankie enough airtime, resulting in Frankie getting voted off.

Not everyone is feeling sympathetic for Samira though as many fans have argued that she could choose to leave if she feels that strongly about Frankie.

There’s still a chance that Samira might find someone new though, with new boys Idris Virgo and Kieran Nicholls heading for the villa…

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