Love Island’s Andrew Le Page shares brain tumour diagnosis at 20

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Andrew Le Page has opened up about being diagnosed with a brain tumour when he was aged 20. The Love Island star, now 28, said the experience was so frightening he thought his “life was over”.

Speaking with his girlfriend Tasha Ghouri, who he reached the Love Island final with last year, he said: “So I had like a lump on my head for a few years, and my brother felt it and he was like ‘Andrew, what is wrong with you? What is that?’ and I was like ‘I don’t know, I’ve had it there for a while’.

“Then and there, he called up the doctor and got me an appointment and I had an MRI scan, then went back to the doctors again, and they told me I had this brain tumour, and it was like ‘what the hell?’.

“I went back into my car, started crying, and literally went back to work that afternoon.

“They all knew I’d gone to the doctor’s for it, and they were like ‘Andrew, how’d it go?’ and I couldn’t speak.”

Andrew explained that within two weeks he flew from Guernsey to London and had surgery to get it removed.

He continued: “Luckily my brother called the doctor because I would have left it.

“I thought it was just part of my skull, it was hard so I thought it was my skull, and it was big as well.

“At the time it was so scary and I was crying and I couldn’t speak to my colleagues, you know when you want to say something but can’t? It was like that. I got it removed within a month of it all happening and luckily I’m all good.”

Andrew says that the frightening experience has motivated him to live his life to the full.

Tasha and Andrew finished in fourth place in last summer’s series of the ITV2 dating show.

They now live together in London and are even considering moving abroad in the future.

Love Island airs at 9pm on ITV2.

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