Love Island’s Dr Alex bravely shares ADHD diagnosis he’s ‘found tough to come to terms with’

FormerLove IslandstarDoctor Alex Georgehas shared that he has recently been diagnosed with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

The doctor, 31, took to Instagram to discuss his recent diagnosis revealing that he’s found it tough to come to terms with.

Sharing his diagnosis with his 1.9 million followers Alex recalls years of feeling different to others but feared being labelled and judged.

The 31 year old also expressed a dislike for the term 'disorder’, asking his Instagram followers: “Why would I want to be known as having a 'disorder'?”

Dr Alex credits a conversation with musician Toddla T as a turning point for him, as it made him decide to search for answers to why he often handles situations differently to other people.

Ultimately this led to him receiving a diagnosis of ADHD, which is a condition that affects people's behaviour, and can make it difficult for the individual to concentrate at times.

Dr Alex took to Instagram to discuss his diagnosis with fans, writing: “This isn’t an easy one to write. I am sat on my bed and I’m not 100% sure where to start.

“I have suspected for most of my teenage and adult life that I’m not the same as a lot of the others around me.

“I struggled when others did not, and thrived where others found challenge. I have tried to hide and also conform for most of my life. Why? My fear has always been that I don’t want to be labelled and judged.

“Why would I want to be known as having a 'disorder'.

Continuing, he adds: “The tipping point for me to finally see someone was my Stompcast conversation with Toddla T, who gave me the strength to stop burying my head in the sand and look for some answers.

“Over the last few months I have been undergoing assessment for, and have now been ‘diagnosed’ with, ‘Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.”

He says it's been a “weird few weeks” getting used to his recent diagnosis, adding: “I'm not exactly sure why, I'm the same Alex and I shouldn't feel any different.

"I think some of the reflection and even sadness comes from a realisation that I'm 31, and only now beginning to understand why I am as I am.

“How many other young Alex's are out there, who are asking themselves 'What's wrong with me? Why am I different?' or even worse being punished for being them.”

Fans were quick to comment with support for the doctor, while others shared their own experiences with ADHD.

One wrote: “I’ve just got diagnosed at 33, it’s a minefield but also nice to finally get an answer as to why I am like I am. Sending you love”

“Thank you for sharing this. My son is 15 and really struggling with his diagnosis. He needs more people like you to stand up and say I have it and I've achieved. You will be even more of an inspiration to young and old,” added a second.

While a third commented: “Super proud of you. An absolute inspiration to our younger generation. Thank you for sharing this, I also couldn’t agree with you more.”


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