Madonna looks unrecognisable as Queen Elizabeth I for Halloween

Madonna looks totally unrecognisable in busty Queen Elizabeth I Halloween transformation

Madonna, 64, wowed her fans with an ornate look for Halloween this year, as the star showed off her glamorous take on historical figure Queen Elizabeth I. The singer traded in her bubblegum pink locks for some voluminous red curls in the breathtaking fancy dress look. 

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Sharing her outfit with her 18.6 million Instagram followers, the Like A Virgin singer wore a large, white Elizabethan ruff around her neck and a huge golden crown complete with a crucifix on her head.

Continuing with the historical theme, the star squeezed herself into a busty corset-style dress, which featured puffed sleeves and a hoop skirt. 

The bodice of the garment was bright red and decorated with an ornate gold pattern. 

Below the huge white hoop skirt, which fell open at the front, Madonna wore some white lace pantyhose and fishnet tights. 

Madonna, 64, dressed up as historical figure Queen Elizabeth I for halloween

The star put her own twist on the Tudor monarch, who ruled from 1558 until her death in 1603.

Madonna wore an intricate red dress complete with a gigantic hoop skirt

The singer’s outfit included a red and gold corset-style bodice, as well as a large white skirt that fell open at the front.

Madonna gave a nod to some of the traditional garments that might have been worn at the time

The pop star wore a large, white Elizabethan ruff around her neck, which figures like Shakespeare also famously wore during that period. 

Madonna made it clear she was music royalty as she posed in an incredibly ornate headpiece

The Like A Prayer singer wore a huge golden crown complete with a crucifix on her head.

Madonna waved her orb and sceptre around as she made reference to a classic childhood tale

The pop icon could be heard saying “off with her head” in reference to the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland. 

Madonna gave her outfit a modern flavour with some more risqué adjustments

The front of the music legend’s dress showed off her white pantyhose and fishnet tights. 

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