Malin Andersson’s daughter Xaya rushed to hospital after falling ‘so unwell’

Malin Andersson has revealed that she had to rush her baby daughter Xaya to hospital as she became really poorly on Tuesday night (March 14) due to suffering with chicken pox.

The 30 year old Love Island star explained that her little girl, who is now 13 months old after celebrating her birthday last month, had become really under the weather with the condition, and was "so unwell" with a temperature.

Malin said that Xaya's pox had become infected so she needed to be admitted in hospital.

"Poor Xaya has chicken pox and they are infected so I had to pack our stuff up and leave & take her to hospital last night…" the star began in one of her Instagram stories.

"She was so unwell with a high temperature."

Malin went on to say that she'd known her daughter was deteriorating because she was refusing to settle and go to sleep, and wouldn't even relax in bed with her mum.

"Soft play is the devil lol," the reality star added, seemingly referencing that she believed Xaya had caught the contagious condition during a session with other children.

In the image, Malin snapped what appeared to be her daughter's yellow rubber wellington boots muddy on the garden decking.

It came as the mum-of-one was also feeling run down herself, as she opened up to fans about how she was feeling in a lengthy Instagram post.

As well as a snap of her lying down and looking tired after a brief nap, Malin said: "Man. I just woke up from a one hour nap. Probably the longest bit of sleep I’ve had all week.

"The picture before this one shows me working, helping others in my element – bright eyed bushy tailed and raring to go. Powered by coffee though.

"You see thanks to my ADHD (sometimes) trusted regular coffee order at costa and a good healthy diet & exercise I manage to get through most days.. but today I crashed," the star continued honestly. "So I thought I would take a pic of how I’m looking and feeling exactly now.

"We all hear the highs of being a mum – but being a working single mum that has goals higher than the sky can be tough.

"Xaya's poorly at the moment so it adds on extra pressure – she has chicken pox so I cancelled filming today and came back from my mini break with her late last night after a hospital visit," Malin went on.

The social media influencer, who has previously shared her brave struggles with pre and post-natal depression with her followers too, said her head felt "cloudy" and she was laying in wait for her daughter to need her once more.

Sharing how tough it is not to have anyone to look after her, the mum-of-one stressed the "importance of looking after ourselves" as she talked about what it's like to "crash".

"It’s nasty. I become depressed, weak tired and anxious. I think about my past and my loneliness sweeps in," she said. "Our minds are a powerful game. We live in our own heads rent-free so we may as well try make it a good place to be.

"Today I accept defeat on the energy front but I know I won’t always feel like this. I’ll ride it out… until I’m ok again. Refreshed and ready to go."

Malin finished her post by praising the "beautiful" experience of being a mum as she also reminded her fans just how hard it is.

"I wanted this to remind you that you’re doing f***ing amazing. The universe is watching you and your angels are protecting you. Please look after yourself," she added.


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