Why Man Utd fans want the club’s Twitter admin to be given a pay rise

More often than not football club Twitter accounts embarrass fans with questionable tweets, bizarre hashtags and cringeworthy campagins.

But Manchester United’s Twitter admin hit the nail on the head with a response to a tweet from Bayern Munich on Monday – and some Red Devils supporters even think it’s worthy of a pay rise.

Jose Mourinho’s side will take on the German giants in a pre-season friendly ahead of the 2018/19 campaign at the Allianz Area on August 5, it has been announced.

To celebrate, Manchester United took to Twitter to tease out the news, and posted the following poll, which announces the club are "available in early August to visit a big club in Germany for a final pre-season game of the summer."

Bayern Munich responded: "The only takers we’re interested in are for good penalties, and as an English club, you guys probably wouldn’t know about that…"

The German giants probably expected Manchester United to leave it there, but the Red Devils responded alongside a picture of them winning the Champions League final against Bayern Munich 19 years ago.

The tweet read: "Just as well that we didn’t need them to beat you in the Champions League final back in 1999 then, isn’t it?"

Bayern Munich, apparently left reeling, had little more to say, and responded one last time with: "Looks like we hit a nerve there!

"How about this pre-season friendly in August, then? Let’s hope your football is better than your jokes…"

And as you can imagine, Manchester United fans were quick to revel in the exchange, with many calling for the admin to be given a pay rise.

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