Mariah Carey mortified after embarrassing text message blunder to Shawn Mendes

Mariah Carey was left red-faced after sending a bizarre message to Shawn Mendes on St Patrick’s Day.

The When You Believe hitmaker was among the millions around the world celebrating the Irish holiday on Thursday, as she and her family engaged in old traditions to mark the big day.

No, not going to a parade, a party or to mass – it seems the Careys uphold slightly different traditions.

Each year on St Patrick’s Day, Mariah and her cousin Shawn text each other ‘Happy thanksgiving’ as a funny joke (guess you had to be there).

Only, this year, she text the wrong Shawn.

The star took to Twitter where she shared a screenshot of texts between the pair, with Mariah sending her silly little Thanksgiving message only to realise her mistake a moment later and add: ‘Wrong Shawn. Sorry.

‘Also, I do realize it is NOT Thanksgiving. Haha.’

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